Prohibition can NEVER work and is NEVER the answer.

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Prohibition can NEVER work and is NEVER the answer.

Post by jbmac on Fri May 23, 2008 6:27 pm

All drugs should be legal. Take methadrine/speed, it's very illegal, which means it's cool to try, very high profit to sell, kids are attracted to it, there is profit in selling it to kids, no controls on purity or strength - people shoot each other, explosions from illegal labs, cops spend resources - everyone loses.

If that horrible drug methadrine were Legal (Any history buff knows benzadrine was legal and given free to people in airplanes and trains to invigorate them), prescription AND over the counter to adults - There would be no more crime, it's not cool anymore, we would educate people, all in all, less people will overdo it, less harm, kids safer. Alcohol is legal, does that mean you abuse it? Of course not. So, even an evil drug like Meth, made legal, would cut the harm done by 99%.

Prohibition does not work. It only creates a black market and breeds crime. Whether "drugs" or some "drugs" are good, bad or otherwise is not the issue. If prohibition actually reduced the use of drugs, or somehow mitigated the harm associated with use, that would be one thing. But, in fact, it only makes things a lot worse.

Nothing should be prohibited by law; education and regulation is the answer.


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