Do Subliminals work?

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Do Subliminals work?

Post by jbmac on Sat May 31, 2008 9:11 am

HS uses high-frequency subliminals that cannot he heard - with affirmations in your own
voice. There seems to be no hard evidence they work, but almost everyone agrees they can't
hurt - taken from another forum:

Subliminals - Do they work for you?

Ask Believe-Receive

Since AL1 and above contain your recorded subliminal affirmations, do you think they work for you? If so, what brought you to that conclusion? What is your evidence?

As for me, I cannot say for a fact that they work or not. I guess my feeling is that it can't hurt, so why not include them.

What do you think?

Posted by Ask Believe-Receive
05/01/08 11:13 AM

I have noticed improvements in almost all of the areas I recorded affirmations for. I've been on AL1 since January. I'm also doing LPIP and other techniques (Psycho-Cybernetics) so perhaps they all support each other.

Posted by soak itin
05/01/08 12:42 PM

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Bradley Harmon
ABR, my thoughts on this topic mirror yours. I'm doing so many new things right now, it's hard to say which of them is having a direct influence on specific areas of my life. I just know that I'm moving in the right direction generally and that's good enough for me.

Posted by Bradley Harmon
05/01/08 02:44 PM

Elizabeth Mapplebeck

There is no way I could know. For the entire month of January while commuting to and from work, I listed to a Louise Hay CD that came with the book, "I Can do it, How to use affirmations to change your life" then I have continued to listen to it frequently and now have some other affirmation CDs.

So I know I had benefit from these as some of the language filtered into my use and it really turned me around into thinking of positive and not giving life to the negative.

So for the affirmations on my holosync, I can't say, but I do know it can not hurt!

Posted by Elizabeth Mapplebeck
05/01/08 02:54 PM

Elon BlockFounder

Scientifically I can't say this is the evidence I have to prove that subliminals work. Because I have done many other programs, and still mix in other exercises and products with my HSing.

It does seem coincidental that the areas which I targeted, are the areas which have improved.

If I could have something whispered in my ear,(don't go there) why not make it something inspiring?:-)


Posted by Elon BlockFounder
05/01/08 05:26 PM

Jennifer Kays
I have felt the effects of subliminals on Luanne Oakes CDs and on the extra holosync cds e.g. Making Change Easy. I've had other subliminal programs from other places from which I felt no effect. So Oakes and holosync are the only ones I experienced as working. I knew they worked because I felt different and in some ways behaved differently. Also the effects were immediate. namaste, d

Posted by Jennifer Kays
05/01/08 11:15 PM

Each and every day they're working better and better in each every and every way.

Posted by M M
05/02/08 12:45 AM

God Spark

ABR, I know that my affirmations are working for me. As I have read in previous testimonials from many people in the Holosync program, things just seem to flow in their lives in a whole new way. Myself, I do feel "shiny and new" in a way I cannot even put into words. So many limiting belief structures have left my life. I am on Awakening Level 3 and just started cd #2 last night. (I also do my thetahealing to clear stuff out. And whatever the thetahealing does not catch I am confident that Holosync will disintegrate, and vice versa). I handle people in a different, more confident way. I can say no to someone and feel okay with saying no, whereas previously, I most likely would have said "Oh sure I can do that for you with sugar and cream on top." Now whatever the issue is just slides off me like water off a duck's back. (well, depending on what the issue is, but overall, that holds true for my new reality). I take responsibility now more than ever before for the fact that I am responsible for creating my reality. I can see why people have reacted to me in certain ways before and are now "interacting" with me in very co-operative ways. I don't think people are out to get me anymore. People are just people, and I am one of them.


Posted by God Spark
05/02/08 02:52 PM



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