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Holosync works!

Post by jbmac on Sat May 31, 2008 9:14 am

Holosync does not work overnight - it takes months and years to get results:
Stolen from another forum:

Now I have a proof that HS has started to change me bit by bit. It's only been a year I've been doing this (I'm on AL1 CD4). Today I had a very VERY VERY unpleasant discussion with some family members. So unpleasant that it made my wife cry. I have been sharply and unfairly (from my standpoint) criticized. You know the kind of bitter family reunion that ends up in a verbal fight and everyone is arguing loudly and trying to hurt someone else.

I was surprised by how I handled the situation. I wasn't really angry. Not that I wasn't pissed. I was somewhat irritated but I didn't feel the need to argue or even forcefully defend my opinion. I said what I had to say calmly and with assertiveness and didn't really care if the other person agreed or not. The criticism was unpleasant but I felt like it didn't really have anything to do with me. At one point I started to feel sorry for the person who was trying humiliate me and I understood she was only speaking from her own perspective. Her idea of me is not consistent with what I am. So it was a waste of time to try to win her over.

I didn't even have to try to force myself to remain calm and collected. When some people started injecting insults in the discussion, I thought: " Well, this whole situation is a complete waste of energy. I'd better find something more constructive to do with my time."

After all that arguing was over, I realized that the old "me" ( the "me" who loves to be always right) would have loved the situation. It would have argued and would have tried to prove its point. And if it didn't win, that "me" would have stayed there trembling and stuttering with rage.

It's has been a few days now that I'm doing Gamma everyday, sometimes twice a day. Maybe that's part of the reason I didn't feel the need to argue.

Thank you Holosync.

Posted by Kossi E
04/28/08 03:05 AM

D Vestal

Wow, that's an awesome story, thanks for sharing...I think others have also mentioned how certain situations use to bother them and they no longer do, so your results are consistent with what others are reporting......

keep up with the great growth!


Posted by D Vestal
04/28/08 03:21 AM

jim kirkilis

Hey Kossi that's great I'm really happy for you. Is'nt it amazing when you can see a difference in the way you deal with a difficult situation to the way you would've instinctively reacted. This is a long and time consumeing process, but when you see changes in your, it is more than worth the time and effort.


Posted by jim kirkilis
04/28/08 07:53 AM

Elon BlockFounder

Congrats to you Kossi,

That is fantastic!

My perception is I could feel it in your post that this was a major milestone for you.Is that true?

Either way, I acknowledge you for your transformation, and breakthroughs. It's a "big deal" in my book.


Posted by Elon BlockFounder
04/28/08 08:43 AM

Jennifer Kays
Family systems became threatened when one member changes. They will try to drag you back into the insanity to restore the original dysfunction of the family system. They want you to "change back". It is a validation that you have made important changes in yourself. You also have gained some valuable clarity about yourself and the family system dynamics Since the changes you have made are permanent, you will never "change back". Major respect for what you have done. namaste, d

Posted by Jennifer Kays
04/28/08 09:07 AM

Great insight, D. And something I needed to hear as I have family get togethers coming up in the summer. I am actually relunctant to go, knowing that I would be expected to be the same ol' same ol'. It's good to get your perspective and I think you're absolutely on target.

Posted by M M
04/28/08 10:14 AM


Abundance Queen

I keep hearing wonderful things about this Gamma compassion Cd and couldn't find a way to order it on the site.....then I got some mail this week from Bill and it seems from what I read you have to be in the Inner Circle to get it.....I found that a little amusing since his claim of offering Inner Circle at an additional 40% off price, is that this program is so amazing he wants the whole world to have easier access to it .......so why can't we just buy the Gamma Compassion Cd without having $1799 to join Inner Circle?

Ranting aside Good for you Kossi!!!

Posted by Abundance Queen
04/28/08 12:43 PM

Elon BlockFounder


Have you contacted CRI about ordering the Gamma CD. I just purchased one with my latest level for only 20.00.

I ordered the new level over the phone,and I believe it is also available on the "participants" portion of the CRI website.
I highly recommend the Gamma CD.


Posted by Elon BlockFounder
04/28/08 02:37 PM

Tess H
I ordered AL1 with gamma compassion CD over the weekend, so I'm glad for the validation Kossi. Thanks for posting your fantastic results.

Posted by Tess H
04/28/08 02:54 PM
Ron Belman


Great story. I too have been doing HS for a year and I'm also on AL1 CD4. I am currently going through a bit of unpleasantness with my wife, I definitely think HS has changed (for the better) the way I react. Things that would have kept me up all night a year ago don't bother me as much. I sleep much better.


I called Centerpointe when I could not find any reference to the Gamma CD on teh Web Site. Oddly the person who was helping me couldn't really find it either. As you go through the order process for the next level (not inner circle), there is a check box to get the Gamma CD for $19.95 (a $40.00 value ;-)

Posted by Ron Belman
04/28/08 04:41 PM

judy s
i wanna order it . I called it is 99 dollars by itself:(.

Posted by judy s
04/28/08 05:31 PM

Bradley Harmon
When I purchased it with my last 2 order for one level up from where I was at; it cost only $50. But it is indeed probably more expensive if you order it separately.

Posted by Bradley Harmon
04/28/08 07:02 PM

Elon BlockFounder
Is there something I am missing here? What is 99 dollars?

Posted by Elon BlockFounder
04/28/08 07:25 PM

judy s
The gamma cd by itself 99 dollars

Posted by judy s
04/28/08 10:54 PM


I know it's been answered before, but how does the Gamma CD differ in effectiveness from the regular H/S program. Why all the buzz?


Posted by M M
04/29/08 02:50 AM

Perry Sing

Isn't it funny that the Gamma CD helps calm us HS'ers yet Gamma radiation brings out unprecedented rage in Bruce Banner's life:


Posted by Perry Sing
04/29/08 05:14 AM

Abundance Queen

Thanks everyone......I got in touch with Centerpointe and ordered the Gamma Compassion cd for $19.95 plus $4.50 shipping......it would have been nice to get it with the AL1 they just shipped me but I am just happy to be getting it!



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