HS vs The Meditation Solution

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HS vs The Meditation Solution

Post by jbmac on Sat May 31, 2008 9:21 am

Holosync is not the only game in town, The Meditation Solution has good products too, here is a
discussion stolen from another group:

Kevan Paton
Can anyone tell me if there are any advantages to the H/S programme over "The Meditation Solution" other than the personal affirmations and maybe aftersales support?

I know there is a difference in the way that MS takes you down to 0.3hz from the beginning. They claim that this is the best method. And you can always do it gradually if it seems like to much. They also say that their quality is second to none. Can anyone clarify any of this as the price is a fraction of the cost of H/S.


Posted by Kevan Paton
03/02/08 02:40 PM


Kevan, here's a good post you can look through. It was previously discussed pretty thoroughly.


Posted by M M
03/02/08 05:55 PM

I read all the posts and unfortunately I'm none the wiser really. Neither the for's nor againsts convinced me either way. What I need is to find people who have used MS for a while who are not involved with the company. Ideally people who have finished it. (Although I've never heard of anyone who has finished H/S yet). I'll keep searching and asking around the net.
Kevan I don't know if this will help you, but I've been useing Meditation Solution's Gamma Meditation cd for a few weeks now. I find it to be an excellent product. Very strong, I've noticed subtle changes already.

I've just downloaded the Gamma 40 on MP3 myself and I agree it is strong. I managed to last the full track. Probably due to where I am with H/S. The sound quallity is good too. I have a feeling I may try their programme when I finish AL1 in about 3 months. If I do I'll report here.

That's good Kevan but go easy it's deceptively strong. I got a fair amount of overwhelm, but it was worth it.

I'm thinking of trying their programme too, not for a while though, I've recently started AL3.

I've been in contact with the Perfect Meditation group too, I like what they've told me, but the proof is in the pudding, as the saying goes. I'm planning more research before I finnish AL3.

I like HS, I like what it's done for me, I like how I'm feeling more and more. But I also like to know what's around me, what's of use to me.

I can't say if I am going to stick with HS or not, things change. If some other product appeals to me more or not. But at this stage HS is pretty bloody good.

Good luck to you.

I like HS too Jim.

I can definately feel some change now that I look for it after advice from Elon on an earlier post of mine. If I change to MS it will be purely financial and it will have to match up to HS.

It's encouraging to hear that you have felt some change after a few weeks with the Gamma cd. Hopefully the programme will be as good.

As for overwhelm. I don't think I have really had any at all. All through HS the worst I have felt was boredom but I always beat it and stuck it to the end. Appart from that I just get a kind of dull numb feeling that lessens as the sessions go by until the next disc.

Cheers for now

I decided to try The Meditation Solution first (cost is a big issue at the moment), so my only experience with Holosync so far is the demo. I've been a member of PI boards for a while and read this board regularly but this is my first post here.

I have been using the MS first CD (MP3 download) for about 3 months now and i really like it so far. It still feels powerful and i can really get into a deep meditation. I wish i could find a message board for other users, it is disappointing that their site doesn't really have much company info or a forum. I started having experiences that i would like to be able to discuss.

Interestingly i started seeing beautiful electric blue swirls during certain parts a couple weeks into it, and now this is a normal occurence for me during regular meditation even. I had no idea what that meant, but searching the internet i gather that Theta waves can have that effect and possibly a sign of spiritual awakening. I just recently started learning Reiki and it will do it then too, even with more colors.

And about a month ago i started having a vibrating/buzzing sensation while listening. I awoke while listening one night with a euphoric feeling and heard and felt loud waves of vibrations. My husband was in the next room and the next morning he asked me what i was doing in there because he heard strange noises. ;0) (i dont know what he heard, i had headphones on)

The next time it happened it was not as intense, but still a very happy feeling. I was sitting up listening, and had fallen asleep or maybe a trance state and my husband walked through and i woke up. I could feel the buzzing and i just thought the washer was on the spin cycle or something, (that is the only way i know to describe it). I looked down at my hands on my knees and i was gently "vibrating" is the only word i can think of. I started to tell him to come over and put his hand on me and then it stopped. It is very pleasant. Now sometimes it will happen if i am just about to doze off or I am in a no thought kinda mood. It is happening less often so i guess that means my body is finally getting used to the higher energy vibration?

I have gotten some pretty strong overwhelm a few times, could partly be because of stressful circumstances right now too. But since i learned EFT it is easier to get through. I just stop listening for a few days, do EFT when i feel overwhelmed and listen to Abraham to help me put things back into prospective. I do feel like listening has helped me be more centered, i had not done any meditation before i started this.

I cant tell you if Holosync would be just as powerful for me as i havent gotten to try it yet.

Sorry for the long post, you were asking and i have been wanting to share my experiences. ;0)

Love and Light

Sounds like you are having some pretty good experiences there! I can't understand why you would want to try a more expensive prog?! As it happens I was just pondering about ordering level 2 MS today just to try it out. Now I've read your post there is no doubt! I know everyone is different and we will all experience things differently but you have really got my curiosity going.

I have also been using EFT for the last couple of weeks and find that very interesting. After a 10 - 20 minute session I close my eyes and relax to check out my feelings and can actually feel my energy sweeping round my body. Sometimes it is very strong and I can sometimes feel it an hour or two later when I am out walking my dog. I must admit that I am more practical than mystical but still open minded. So I was very glad to hear that tests have been done with EFT and EEG machines proving that EFT alters the brainwave patterns.

Please don't appologise for your long post. I'm gratefull for your input.

Good luck with all you experiment with.

Yesterday on my email server, a link was posted to a site with brain entrainment, (based on my email content), so I clicked on it. It was another site that sells brain entrainment for different results--past life regression, astral projection, memory, meditation, etc. they had a free 10 minute sample that I listened to and it kicked my butt. Way too strong.

That is my worry with these other sites that don't give the exact details of what they are doing or warn of what "upheaval" could result. I am worried that these are just too strong, skipping all of the steps that Holosync uses.

However, they did have a chakra recording, a 20 minute and 60 minute. The 20 min was very cheap. I really know nothing about Chakra's but did have some interest in learning about them.

I purchased it and listened while at work, so with eyes open and not really focusing on it. Shortly after while on my drive home I realized that my tight muscles in my neck and shoulders, mucles that had forgotten how to relax and had been tight for the last 3 weeks. I have suffered from this for a long time and after 8 months of chiropractic care and some deep tissue massages, I realized that wasn't providing relief, so I did acupunture and it instantly removed the pain from my mucles. The muscle spasm was gone for the few months that I did acupuncture. Well, I had to stop acupuncture as my insurance does not cover it and it just doesn't fit in my budget right now.

Well this 20 minute chakra recording, relaxed my muscle spasm. Amazing.

Has anyone here had experience with ImmRami Institute? there CDs seem to be appealing as well.


Posted by Perry Sing

I have the InSight cd from Immrama, which I purchased on the recommendation of Dr. Mercola before I purchased AP. I used it a bit then put it away, and proceded from AP to AL1 and now early on AL2.

On a two week vacation in January I used the InSight cd because I didn't have a good copy of AL2 (I don't like to travel with the original disk).

Without boring you with the details, I listened to the InSight a few times. I was much more positive during the trip than I had expected to be (It was not a tour, and we had to make our way around Rome and Venice without speaking Italian and using public transportation.). Was that due to listening to InSight? I don't know.

Dr. Mercola touts it as being as good as HS. It's only 1 cd at a cost of $40, if I remember correctly. He stated that he has used both programs. When I searched for a forum of InSight users, I couldn't find one. Whatever that's worth?

I'lll probably use it as a supplement to HS, since you can listen in increments of 24 minutes or 48 or 72..

I think it's quite difficult, at least for me, to evaluate another program, especially if use it during the same period I am using HS.

I don't know if anything I posted helps you.

Thanks for the info on the gamma meditation cd by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson (you mentioned this in a earlier posting). I bought the 2 cd set which includes gamma and hypergamma, and find that it's very effective. Moreover, similar to the higher levels of holosync, these cds use 3-D sound recording, which makes the sounds more realistic. I think that Holosync should consider using 3-D sound in its Awakening Prologue (AP) system - I am currently using AP. Overall, each person process information differently, so this wouldn't apply to everyone, but one might want to consider using a system like AP along with (or followed up by) a system like Dr. Thompson gamma and hypergamma.

Holosync is my main listening base for each day as I feel I am really getting into the thick of it all now with Purification but I am always keen to try out other tracks that people mention.

Your post interested me but it doesn't seem to be the Meditation Solution site - they may have updated it since perhaps. Is there any chance you could post the link to the 20 min chakra track purchase area? That would be great, cheers. DT

gamma meditation cd by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson I got from the library. You might even check there

I also brought the sleep solution from MS and really like it.

David Turfitt
I did some digging around the web and found what I think is the 20 min chakra track:


I downloaded it this morning and have listened to the full 20 minutes twice already today. It is very pleasant, calming and well put together. I felt muscles twitching all over my body which is a good sign for me that things are working and doing something. For $15 I thought it was worth a good try out and I shall keep throwing in a few sessions over the next few weeks to see if it goes deeper etc as time goes on with it.

Hi Judy, I've also bought MS's sleep solution, it's been about three weeks now and so far it has'nt done much for my sleeping. I do like useing it though, so i'm hopeing in time it will work. I also use it to meditate with now and then, get a very enjoyable experience from it.

Thanks David, had a look at the site, looks very interesting, I'm going to try the 10 minute freebie then I'll see about the chakra stuff later. Keep us informed how you go.

OK, all this talk of these other BWE vendors has piqued my interest again. So I went to the Unexplainable.net link someone above posted and purchased the Endorphins MP3 twice by mistake. So I emailed the support person and within 5 minutes, I got a link to another one of the MP3's I wanted to download (the one on Chakra Tuning). So I"m going to try the Endorphins program during my lunch break today and see what happens. I'm going to look at Dr. Jeffrey Thompsons CD's again as well. The three-D audio (whatever that means) captured my interest and I might order one of his CD's as well. Why not. I got everyone elses. I'm a regular human guineau pig these days I guess.

I will report back after lunch with my first experience with the Endorphins CD. Being one who has fought addiction and has battled the ability to be truly happy, I am really curious how the Endorphins CD works out. I think years of using opiates to make me feel happy have diminished the ability of my brain to produce endorphins since the opiates replaced the need of the brain to need to produce them. Kind of like a weightlifter who stops lifting and his muscles atrophy. So when I stopped taking the prescription drugs (16 months clean now), I went into a deep depression and was totally a mess and severely unhappy. My brain had shut down making endorphins and as such, feeling happy was no wheres in sight. I am much better these days but I"m hoping the endorphins program helps stimulate production of more.

Ask Believe-Receive
Ok. Back from lunch and did the Endorphins MP3. That was interesting!!! I have to admit, I came back to work all re-charged and feeling pretty good. I think I will be doing this CD every other day and alternating that one with the Chakra Tuning CD.

It is interesting how somethings work for some ppl and not for others. I hope you experience some success with the sleep program

Yes that is the link where I got the chakra download. I was hesitant in posting the site as I am leary of some of them. As I posted at another thread there are a leasty 100 of these stores now and I have a concern that they do not explain at all about possible overwhelm that one might experience. I figured it people asked I would email them the site. Only one asked, until your post over the weekend.

I will have to modify my testimoy before. My muscle spasm did go away, but the one I have had now for a week and a half has not been helped. I am wondering if the hour version would work (or multiple listenings of the 20 min version) or was it a combination of what I had listened to that day. And by now I don't know what that is.

Ask Believe-Receive

Here's another very interesting website I found while reading the Self-Development forum.


Check out the detail toward the second half of the page.


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Meditation Solution

Post by brookes on Fri Sep 05, 2008 4:40 am

Yes, i love Meditation Solution. I got to level10 with Holosync.....very expensive and didn't really do much for me to be honest, and I got tired of Bill Harris cheap sales pitches...second hand car dealer chat.....so swithced to Meditation Solution....$27 a level, the effects are soo much more powerful, and great quality too...(wonder if this is the orignal sound engineer for the early days of Holosync involved here) If Holosyn had offered a much cheaper download solution I may have stuck, but in UK the shipping was really expensive.....
I am a sound engineer...the product is very good indeed....try it. I just wish I had found them in 2000....could have saved hundreds... thanks for reading J and no I dont work for them...cheers


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