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Post by jbmac on Sat May 31, 2008 11:00 am

Stolen thread from another forum;

More on Headphones...Oh Goody!

Ask Believe-Receive

Ok so I have a set of earbuds that are rated at 20-20,000hz which I have been using for my meditation CD's. These cost me about $10.00 I decided I wanted some earbuds with a lower hz range so I bought some Maxell earbuds rated at 6-23,000hz and they cost me about $26.00 thinking they would be better for those CD's where the range hit's it's lowest point (dont' exactly remember what those ranges were). The problem is the cheaper earbuds sound more clear then the more expensive ones. The Maxells seem kind of fuzzy, almost staticy. Any ideas on this? Maybe I should just by the more expensive headphones or earbuds that cover all the CD's and be done with it.

Posted by Ask Believe-Receive
04/29/08 01:20 PM

Tess H
It's your call ABR, but you're up to $36 so far and you're not happy yet :-)

Posted by Tess H
04/29/08 03:00 PM

Ask Believe-Receive

Ahh..well...I didn't say I was unhappy. I'm just wondering why the 20-20000hz earbuds were more clear then the 6-23,000 earbuds. On the subject of happiness, I'm about as happy as I've been in a very long time. 15 months ago I was in the deep pits of depression and sinking fading quickly into the abyss. Then I reconnected with God on a much more spiritual level and started meditating, exercising, reading, listening and now....Wa La....I"m a happy guy...(most of the time). ;-)

~ Namaste ~


Posted by Ask Believe-Receive
04/29/08 04:35 PM

Bradley Harmon

My advice: get a good quality, over-the-ear headset. When you consider how much you're paying to go through all the H/S levels, you might as well be comfortable and getting the best possible effect. And you can enjoy them for listening to music, Eckhart Tolle CDs, etc.

I have the Sony V600 which I highly recommend.

Posted by Bradley Harmon
04/29/08 04:41 PM

Ask Believe-Receive
Ok Brad. I trust your judgement. I'll save up a few bucks and give those a try. Thanks. I like the earbuds because I fall go to bed listening to MS2 or some of the other meditation programs or the Floating audio from HS. Thanks again

Posted by Ask Believe-Receive
04/29/08 04:48 PM
Tess H
I like my Sony V600's too .....and they keep you from rolling out of bed.

Posted by Tess H
04/29/08 05:34 PM

jim kirkilis

I've got the Audio Technics ATH-AD700 headphones, there're big and there're ugly but there're comfy for long sessions, and they'll do for the whole program.

Oh yea and they sound pretty good too.



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