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Terence McKenna audio site

Post by jbmac on Sat May 31, 2008 11:07 am

Stolen form another forum:

Terence McKenna audio site


I like the Tree of life series best!

While Terence McKenna uses drugs, his mind is so sharp and he has such interesting theories of timewave zero and fractals of time. The Tree of Life series is about 8 hour long MP3s, that are both interesting and entertaining, and one can learn a lot no matter how they feel about drugs. He really is very smart, or he's

I wouldn't call classify entheogens as drugs. Terrence was a super smart guy and I love listening to his audios. Thanks!

There are some really good vids here:


What are entheogens??? I'll do some google research after I watch a couple of the videos. Thanks. Namaste, D

Never mind. Been there, done that. namaste, d

Entheogens (spelling) are not street drugs, cactus, mushrooms, pot, salvia, dmt containing plants. Not used to party, used as medicine or as a deep thinking experience, I am told.

Thanks for the links, you guys!
Though not a substance-user, I've been a fan of his stimulating mind for many years!

This topic raised a couple of memories. The first is of walking through an open air market somewhere in Mexico and being asked by a vendor if I was looking to buy peyote.(He probably asked all the gringos that question) It was 1969 and I can't remember now why I was in that market.

The second memory is of attending one of the New Life magazine yearly events in New York City and listening to a lecture by Timothy Leary. He probably was in his sixties and was very articulate. It just surprised me that someone who had been taking LSD for years could speak so well.

I realize this is not a drug forum, but it is a truth forum. So let me share something Terence said. He said his kid was in school and the teacher said LSD destroyed chromosomes and brain cells. The kid said that's not true. Teacher asked who told you that? Kid said Albert Hoffman told me. That's funny, Albert Hoffman (google his name) http://www.hofmann.org/ - invented LSD and took it, and made it past 100 years. I know a lot of people who took LSD, I took it when I was 17, just once, it lasts too long. Anyways, LSD is more likely to help a brain than hurt it, as long as it's used less than once a year. (no first hand knowledge, but lots of people I know did that, and they are very successful, open minded creative types.

, I've been listening all weekend to McKenna. Maybe 20 or so years ago I went pretty regularly to a message therapist who took off on a workshop with him in the rainforest, came back and completely changed her life. Too bad that chance will never come again. These audios remind me how much I respect and admire this man's mind. He can spin a poetic mind-expanding rap on just about anything under the sun (and a lot further out than that!).
So, again--thanks for the link, I'm having a feast!

I've been listening to McKenna since this thread came up. I'm in total agreement with his description of culture or what I have more often heard called the programming/conditioning of consensus reality. I've done the mushrooms, peyote, etc in Navtive American Medicine Lodges, so I know about that experience also. I've seen the Kachinas come dancing. The question for me for years has been one of how to survive after one has disidentified from the insanity of consensus reality i.e. culture. So you "reclaim the mind" "deprogram" "disidentify"etc. Then what? Maybe it doesn't matter. Don't know. Staying "high" doesn't seem to be the answer. It would seem to me that going to the primordial consciousness without teacher plants seems to be the task like through meditation, holosync, practicing Tolle's ways of Being etc. How to then function/survive in consensus reality with all it's insanity without being drawn back into identification with it. Isolation is certainly not the answer, especially in terms of survival. "Being in the world, but not of it ", seems to be the challenge. Namaste, D

Staying "high" doesn't seem to be the answer. - agreed. But there is a good side to drugs - eg, when the army gave LSD to soldiers to see how it would impact their abilty to function - almost every one wanted to quit the army - no longer believing it was the right thing for them to do to stay in the US army. People who take teaching plants in high enough doses learn something. If they don't they are not using the plant, they are abusing it.

Terance - is I think he's right. The "good" side of culture and media and government and business is on a path to destroy the earth, turning it into mini-malls selling junk and low quality food, etc. I think the right way to use Terence's teachings is to stop reading papers, listening to news, watching TV - except to see it for what it is - the media. Eg, it's ok to watch something to be entertained on occasion, but don't submerge yourself in the message of the culture we are immersed in.

I think Darrel raises a very good point how do you reclaim your kind so to speak. I asked the same question of myself after dreaming of ayahuasca. Im hoping holosync will unlock some of the questions raised by aya.

I remember reading a tolle forum and was upset by the amount of posts about how people no longer had friends because they wasn't willing to validate peoples dramas no more. This should be the complete opposite of enlightment and seems like to high a cost to pay for peace, one of isolation.

You are looking at it from the point of the egoic mind as most of us do. Attachments, desires, needs ect. Looking at life from the point of no ego, enlightenment? I can, only with imagination, see that the cost for peace would be insignificant in tearms of the clarity and centredness one would have.

Fear and pain of isolation is from our unconscious reality. The enlightened mind would have no fear because it knows that we are all part of each other, that we are all connected.

It think that as we work on ourselves, grow and centre, still the beast in our heads, we will find that some of those that we attracted to ourselves will no longer be there. The original attraction is no longer there.

But as we change and grow we would attract people that would enhance, and challenge our level being, giving opportunities for real peace and further growth.


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