Twitching during HS sessions

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Twitching during HS sessions

Post by jbmac on Sat May 31, 2008 11:15 am

Stolen from another forum:

Hi all,

Firstly I would like to say a big thank you to everyone on this forum, in particular Pat and Elon Block and Jennifer Kays for convincing me to buy Holosync and get into the programme. The continued support you provide for new users here is also a great comfort.

I have been doing 'The Dive' for the past few weeks and am about to start Immersion but wanted to run something by you guys:

After the first few sessions, I have began to experience spasms in my hands and feet, particularly down one side when I reach the deeper levels - I think around halfway through. Following these I then start to wake up and cannot manage to return to the place I was at previously before the end of the track... hope this makes sense.

To date I haven't felt any major upheaval / overwhelm and feel I am quite deep during the sessions without any mind chatter as mentioned by other users, just keep getting the spasms.

Have you heard of this before ?

My only main concern with the programme is having the time to commit to it as I am the CEO of a busy UK company and along with family time am finding it difficult to find the hour required every day.

Any advice is very much appreciated,


Elon BlockFounder

Hey Mike,

From my experience those spasms are a good thing. This is energy blockages being released. Eventually once the energy block is released, the spasms will end. That is what happened to me. There is a more official definition which escapes me at this moment. And I am sure someone else will chime in with more info. :-)

Without getting into the specifics of your particular situation my simple answer to your time question is you may want to take a look at where you are spending your time. And possibly reprioritize something, or things.

For me and other HSer's, time (or lack of) is one of those issues we all deal with. There was a reason, or a benefit you were looking for when you decided to start HSing....right???

The way I see it is your question of time boils down to a basic aspect of human nature. My experience has been that people will do what is "important" to them. Since everybody has their own definition of what is important to them, it always is an individual thing.

My question is.... is it important enough for you to spend an hour a day to receive that benefit? :-)

Sending you the best of Intentions from across the pond!

Elon said it exactly right. Holosync is clearing the energy channels in your body. So the "spasms" are a great sign. You'll get used to it and welcome it. For example, tonight I had a wave of dull pain pass through my right eye, through my right brain, and base of skull. It didn't last long. Then I felt a mild sensation in the right brain and eye for the rest of the session.I just observed it, was grateful for it.

" Following these I then start to wake up and cannot manage to return to the place I was at previously before the end of the track.."

What we consciously "think" is going on during a session doesn't have much to do with what is happening. Holosync keeps the delta state going on in our brain, no matter what we experience consciously. So consciously you may not be returning to the place you were previously, but the delta state remains as constant as it was before. You may just consciously think you have started to wake up. Sometimes you can have a session that is calm and peaceful consciously, then the next you may have a ton of mind chatter and are restless. Holosync is doing it's work just the same in both sessions. namaste, d

I get spasms quite often when doing Holosync and even when I have great realizations in my life outside of

I think of spasms as painful.. so I'm not sure if we're on the same page, but I too get little twitches since I started Holosync... probably more during the day when I'm not h/s'ing than during the actual meditation time. Sometimes a nerve in my face will just go off for a few minutes, jumping and twitching... I can't say it's uncomfortable.. maybe just feels kinda weird. The last week it's been extended to my arms, legs and back. It's like my nervous system is being rewired.

I used to get the twitches frequently, too--especially in the beginning. I haven't had them in a long time now.

I attributed these to the explanation provided by Darrel and Elon above. I viewed these as evidence H/S was working so I welcomed these physical "signals" as something positive.

Mine seemed localized to the eyelids. I felt as though my face must be perceived by others as going through some wild contortions but, when I checked in the mirror, it turned out they were hardly perceptible. I felt like one of the guys in The Matrix just as they were morphing into another being. Smile

I used to get a constant twitch in my right eye brow when dreaming of ayahusca. Interesting to know what it may of been.

Its calling you!

Someday I will muster up the courage and head to Peru.

I too had the twitch in the right eyebrow...every morning for almost a year...rarely get it for the issue of time Mike....I wouldn't give up H/S at this point in my's so valuable to I set the alarm for 4:30 in the morning and do it then....I think sometimes that H/Sing makes up for that hour "lack" of sleep...I mean I don't feel I'm not getting enough rest.

Wow thanks to everyone for the replies, you guys are a great support.

I will put the 'spasms' down to the programme working properly as it obviously is having an effect, and you are right Tess they are twitches really as I feel no pain or discomfort...

I will also find the time to devote to listening everyday as to reference Elon - the reasons why I have started HSing will only get better if I reprioritize and make it a part of everyday.

Also following Bradley's Matrix reference - I do feel the whole Holosync process is similar to swallowing the red pill and realising the real world!

Sim Plicity!

Okay, so I haven't been getting any twitches, or fidgets or nightmares or feeling out of sorts (except for the flu!). Apparently, HS has been busy unlocking other closed-off parts of my sub-conscious, instead. These relate to my innate intuitive and empathic--sometimes telepathic--abilities. Most of us learn to shut these off when we are little, because they make us "different" and set us apart. We all have these latent talents, regardless of whether we choose to believe they exist or not--and I suspect many of you will be re-discovering them as you progress in HS.

Anyway, I have always been extremely empathic, to the point where being in crowds can make me very uncomfortable, especially if there are fearful, negative or violent vibes present--I pick them all up. Over the years I have blocked much of it off, but I still can't go to someone's funeral without being affected by the waves of grief present.

Yesterday, as I was looking through the PI forum posts, there was one that caused an immediate gut- and heart-wrenching fear reaction in me. I thought, that was odd, and kept reading the headers. None of the rest had that effect on me. As I scrolled back up the same post had the same effect, which is something that has never happened to me before. I opened up the post to find it was about someone who had been robbed while sleeping in her apartment, and now was experiencing a strong fear reaction that it would happen again!

I realized that what I was feeling was the echo of her deep fears as she wrote the post! I know that there are "sensitives" who can pick things up from writings and objects, but never had it happen to me before--it was a very intense experience!

That's really kew Sim Plicity... but I'll take my twitches over your vibes, any day :-)


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