What happens after Holosync?

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What happens after Holosync?

Post by jbmac on Sat May 31, 2008 11:26 am

Stolen from another forum:

'm curious what happens when we finish our last H/S session. By "what happens" I mean, what do people move onto afterward--perhaps a more traditional meditation practice? Are we encouraged to meditate indefinitely or do we expect to achieve "enlightenment" after which we no longer require these tools to transcend?

Is the journey endless or is there a final destination? I'm thinking most likely there's always another resurrection, a higher place to ascend to emotionally, spiritually, etc.

It would be wonderful to hear from people that have graduated from H/S; to hear how they continue their journey and what they move onto next.

I would love to hear something on how life is for some of the graduates also. When I ordered AL-2, I had to explain why I had'nt purchased AL-1 from Centerpointe. I was given a copy of AL-1 by the moderator on another HS forum, so they wanted to know the name of the person who it belonged to. I gave it to them, but only after I was assured there would be no trouble in any way for that person. I think they just wanted to make sure I was not full of it and trying to skip a level.

Anyway, my point is, the person whse AL-1 I had used is a graduate of the program, and there are supposed to be quite a few who have finished. It's interesting, because some people will say that since no graduates ever come to post, the program may be a fraud. But if the people who have graduated through the whole HS program received little if any benefit, I think we would hear from them how Centerpointe is a fraud.

I doubt it has very many Graduates. Bill Harris didn't even graduate yet.

Anyways I feel graduating is not a big deal, its about the unfoldment and how you handle issues with your life now. Graduate, is just a label.

Graduate? Bill Harris finished the entire program in the 90s. Now he meditates very occasionally for fun (according to the retreat CDs)...

I watched a video several months back that was filmed after 'The Secret' and Bill said he hasn't competed the program yet. Is he up to his marketing again? Maybe pulling our leg? I don't know.

Tell you the truth I have mixed feelings about Bill Harris.

According to Centerpointe literature, there are thousands of people that have finished the entire H/S program schedule worldwide. I suppose from the perspective of users, once you finish, there's less incentive to come back to a site that focuses on questions about the program.

I find it interesting that Bill no longer meditates except for the fun of it. That suggests to me that there is a "destination" or goal [enlightenment?] and the value isn't solely in the act and discipline of meditation itself. In other words, you achieve something with the act of meditation and, once acquired, you no longer need to do it any longer.

Tolle speaks about formal meditation. He recommends that each day, as often as we can remember, to be aware of breath and feel inner energy body in order to empty mind and replace thought with awareness. He says that the remembering to do this will become more easy and the frequency and length of being aware rather than trapped in thought increases. I think he is saying that eventually we remain in an aware "meditative" state 24/7. I use his recommendation of awareness of breath and feeling inner energy when I use holosync. My experience is that he is right, I remember more often, and the replacement of thought with awareness has increased in frequency and length. I credit holosync with helping me practice these ways of being. Perhaps, after completing the levels it will be something like 24/7 awareness. Once I got a reply from centerpointe where the person actually said that eventually I would experience thought-free awareness. He was saying that about holosync. He may also have been familiar with Tolle. Namaste, D

I am 99.99% sure Bill Harris finished the program long ago. But whoever said it, I cant remember now, but I agree that there should not be a finishing point. I don't believe there is a final destination, like, now I am enlightened!

And yes, I have heard from and read a few postings or writings on the journey of some of the participants that have finished, but only a handful. The general consensus is somewhere along the journey, they lose the need to convey their story about their completion of Holosync.

I know some of you are members of the Centerpointe Community forum, and there are several people on that forum who are pretty far along, as in the Flowereing levels. I try to pick their brain as much as I can, but mostly just read what they write on a variety of subjects.

I remember hearing, on a retreat tape, Bill admitting he doesn't mediate with H/S nearly as much as he use to. I believe you reach a point when you feel totally at peace with yourself and there really isn't any further need to continue with anything beyond the program.

Once you finish the program you go to a farm and there you work 16 hours a day and give everything you have to...Bill Harris!!! Juuuuuust kidding!!


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