From Edot, Lemmi posted this - very good history

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From Edot, Lemmi posted this - very good history

Post by jbmac on Fri Jun 20, 2008 6:02 pm

Its because our country is run by people who hate to admit when they're wrong. They hate it so much, that they would rather countless citizens suffer, either from not being able to get the medicine they need, or in jails from possession.
If you pick up a copy of "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" by Jack Herer, you will see exactly why cannabis is illegal. The fact is, it used to be in just about every medicine out there, for all kinds of ailments...up until 1937. Only the fact that morphine was discovered and along came the hypodermic needle, pushed cannabis out of the spotlight as the most used plant for medicines.
The fact is, it wasn't marijuana as a drug that caused it to become illegal in the first was Hemp as a fiber.

Dupont came across the patent for a new synthetic fiber that they called nylon, after WWI, German companies had to give up all their patents as part of "reparations" from the war. One German company had the patent for a new synthetic fiber...Dupont got ahold of it and started producing it. However, it did not take off like they hoped and shareholders and investors were getting nervous...Dupont assured their investors that everything would be fine in due time. Around this time, Dupont's hired gun, Harry J. Anslinger was appointed to head up the Bureau of Narcotics (what is now the DEA)...his job? Get rid of cannabis by any means necessary so natural hemp fiber was no longer competition for nylon. Mr. Anslinger then went around the country, telling terrible, and completely false, stories about this new mexican demon weed that was sweeping the country called one knew what marijuana was at the time, it was a new name for an old ally....if they had referred to it as hemp or cannabis, people would NOT have voted for the 1937 Marijuana Tax Act! For years, Anslinger was quoted as saying that marijuana was used by the worst kind of scum, it caused white woman to seek relations with black or mexican men, it caused blacks to become violent and rape white women, it caused horrible and profound violence in anyone who used it and just one puff would make you addicted for life! He even wanted to ban Jazz music or any other music with "that evil marijuana beat" he claimed Jazz musicians smoked marijuana and the drug caused time to slow down to such a degree that the jazz musicians could throw in lots of "unnecessary notes" or what musicians refer to as a fill....this is absolutely ridiculous and everything that man said was spawned by racism, lies and greed. When the hearings came up for the marijuana tax act, the American Medical Association tried to object, they even said that they would have objected much sooner, but they did not realize that marijuana was cannabis, the safest and most therapeutic plant on earth...they did not realize they were one and the same until it was too late....they tried to object, but when congress asked what the AMA had to say, an infamous lie was told that day...."yes, and they're in complete agreement with this..."
There you go, the brief version of what happened and why we still can't legally smoke pot today in our so-called "free society" Even a judge for the DEA called marijuana one of the most therapeutic substances known to man and safer than many foods we commonly cunsume..." Yet tobacco and alcohol remain legal....?

If we want legal weed....we have to live in a country that is NOT run by Alcohol, Tobacco and Pharmaceutical companies...plain and simple. They don't want you to know that you can grow an all natural plant that will be safer and more effective than the crap they want to give you, they would stand to lose millions, even billions or more over time...


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